Sample Essay

Secondly, the communication in the organization among the employees could have breakdown or poor such that the flow of the information from the executives to the junior staff and vice versa is not well established or developed, therefore the executives cannot get the customer complains information or suggestions from the junior staff.

This occurs where the executives and the other staff do not relate freely at work, the executives consider themselves to senior to relate freely with other junior staff thereby affecting the flow of information among the staff.

Thirdly, the executives may not be committed to the performance of the organization hence they do not formulate the best policies and strategies to improve the organization sales consequently the organization profitability. Managers ought to be alert and committed to the organization performance by ensuring that flow of the information among the employees is fast enough and problems in the organization are communicated to the necessary authorities as fast as possible and acted upon immediately. However, in this organization there seems that the managers do not follow the performance of various departments and the every day problems that face the organization.

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