Sample Essay

Various Media houses have been reporting and analyzing religion news in their reports and journals. On the other hand, there are laid down tools that govern religion and its practices. The most common tools include faith, prayer and spirituality among others. In many occasions the media has not been adhering to these tools but has been concern with the issue at hand.

For instance, the San Jose mercury reported on the UK leaders divide on the issue of the marriages between the first cousins on 14 February this month. On the report the writer focused on the major health complications associated with these marriages as well as the cultural beliefs of these Muslims.

However, little was said concerning tools of religious studies. In spite of this, many other writings show some connection on media reports and these tools where many writers do not question the people’s faith or spirituality but abide to them in their reports and respect them. For instance, very few media reports criticizes the religious beliefs or faith but report as per the issue at hand and use the available information to make their points.

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