Sample Essay

Risk Assessment matrix is used to determine the possibility of the occurrence against the loss that can be accrued. Within a working environment the following hazards a likely to be encountered.

  1. Electrical and electronic equipments. These pose the highest hazards, with most of the work being done involving electronic equipments. In case of occurrence high losses are likely to be encountered in terms of property loss and high degree injuries or death.
  2. Poorly maintained appliances. These causes poor performance and may also cause stress among the employees who are expected to produce highly
  3. Glare and poor lighting. This causes eye strain and other complications that may lead to partial blindness.
  4. Sexual harassment. This causes low esteem, emotional stress, physical illness, fear and anxiety for the harassed workers
  5. Noise. This causes tension and stress leading to poor communication methods leading to poor production.
  6. Manual handling. This leads to musculoskeletal disorders, including sprains and strains to long working hours and repeated physical activities.
  7. Photocopy and cleaning chemicals. This if not handled with precaution can cause bodily harm by burn or inflammation if inhaled.
  8. Walking and working surfaces. If these are slippery for example and caution is not given it may cause fall leading to breakages.
  9. Storage items and devices. Most of these are reusable items but if not placed properly they cause barricades causing falls and injuries to employees.
  10. Fixtures and fittings. These if not properly fixes they may fall over thereby causing bodily harm to those working near them. This may also cause breakages and destruction to materials places on them.