Sample Essay

During the colonial era, in defiance to the endogamous practice of their communities, a lot of free women entered into a marital relationship with various European entrepreneurs.  These arrangements were often part-marriage and part-business in nature, and allowed both parties to consolidate and spread their business activities in the continent.  One can almost view it as an evolution of the pre-colonial practice of marriage in ruling families to further one’s social standing.  While this practice was widely disapproved, historical records bear witness to its increasing success, especially in the port towns ofAfrica.  (Jones, 1995).Similarly, European masters entered into sexual relationships with their female black slaves.  These encounters were sporadic and exploitative in nature, however allowed the affected population to seek a modicum of better living conditions, and perhaps manumission for their offspring and themselves.  At the same time, these female slaves could hope for freedom and some provision of economic assistance at the time of their master’s death – actions fuelled in part by feelings of religious guilt and in part by mixed feelings of affection and remorse towards their victims – something which the male slave population could rarely, if ever, hope for.   (Brooks Jr., 1983)

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