Sample Essay

The manager has his obligation and code of ethics to observe when managing the organization. The Microsoft has legal procedures to be observed when accessing their data base (Yaman, 2004). Therefore, the manager acts independently and this raises the ethic issue.

However, the organization has to follow legal procedures when, accessing the data base, when reconstituting or when restructuring the organization and this raises the issue of legal affairs (Yaman 2004).

Let’s assume that the manager has discovered that the criteria used to employ the staff by then cannot be followed currently or it has become outdated. In this case analysis of variance would give the manager a go ahead process but he might be in a state of dilemma since he has to follow legal procedures when implementing the new proposals.

Let us take the ideal case to be about salary scale and competency. In his organization, he might want to reconstitute the company in order to achieve his managerial goal. In this case the contract between the organization and the employees has to be renewed. This calls for a legal action to be taken by the employees since their contract term with organization has not expired. Then in case the manager want to demote or promote some staffs in order to restructure the organization he has to follow organization policies, rules and regulations. This again raises the issue of legal system.

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