Sample Essay

According to Harry, the childhood life does not end with civilization. Therefore, the major causes of partial difference among the current generation of young people behaviors is parental negligence and socio-economic developments where parents are subscribed more on looking for a living.

However, not all parents who neglect their children but even the religion has relaxed a little bit. Previously, the denominations had set aside times for Sunday school. Deborah argues that currently most churches are offering three to four leadings during Sunday services (572-583). The first service starts at 8 AM leaving little time for Sunday school services. The parents should exercise their moral authority and take all the responsibility of parenting. Being busy looking for basic needs for the children does not mean that the parents should forego their parenting roles. The moral authority should be educated to the children and no forceful method should be used. Right language and tones should be used to control bad behaviors.

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