This civil wars based on rivalry started long back in the 1980s when the popular drug barons and their cartels moved from Colombia into Mexico. “They decided to move because in Mexico, they would have easy entry and access into the U.S market which was their major consumer.”(Marez, Pp.120) U.S officials continually blamed the Mexican Government claiming it wasn’t doing enough to stop drug trafficking into their states.

On 11th December 2006, the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon professed a major war on all drug trafficking activities. He ordered the military forces into all Mexican towns and streets to counter all the drug trafficking activities. Nonetheless, the various drug organizations’ activities were seen to escalate rather than reduce. “Since the president’s declaration of war on drugs, approximately 70,900 persons have perished because of drug related violent activities that erupted after that.”(Marez, Pp.182).

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