Sample Essay

Christianity and Islam form the major religions of the world, due to their widespread believers and their extensive practices, following their values and beliefs. In addition, they are both the oldest religions to be practiced on the face of the earth. Their widespread believers seem to be so much into the traditions and doctrines of their respective religion to a point that their lives are dictated by its values and ethics.

the origin of both religions seem to be related and similar, however the two differ so much in terms of the tools they use to worship and praise.

In addition, they both hold their religious services and events in different hours and methodologies in terms of how they pray, the images they adopt as being religious as well as their respective beliefs and traditions. The paper is meant to research on various similarities and differences between the two religions and clarify on their respective doctrines such as beliefs, traditions, origin and other common values and practices related to each one of them. Therefore, the research paper is attempting to clarify and analyze the various religious practices and beliefs of the two religion that seem to be conflict in many instances though their both belief in purity and godliness as there is life after death to those who act and behave in the Godly recommended direction.

The two religions seem differ greatly considering the tools they use to shape their behavior and actions. Though, both of them have religious books as guidelines for daily actions and behavior to avoid missing the opportunity of life after death guaranteed t those who obey the commandments. The religious books of the two seem to differ greatly in terms of their contents, history and the values dictated to their followers.

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