Sample Essay

Both are believed to be eternal. However, Catholics believe in purgatory a place where the sinners will punished to purify them for heaven. In terms of their moral code, Christians believe that faith without deeds is useless as well as the ten commandments found in the bible that prohibits the Christians from the sinful actions of their body so that they could go to heaven.

They believe societal laws must be obeyed and prohibits on intoxication, suicide, homosexuality and other sexual immorality. Their religious practices dictate that they communicate to God through prayers and they are supposed to hold a weekly church worship as a duty to observe the Sabbath day, believed to be unique.

On the other hand, the Islam is monotheistic religion that believes in existence of only one God or creator (Allah). The Muslims believe that Qur’an was revealed to Mohammed by Allah, who was the final prophet of God. Mohammed was believed to be a 17th century political and religious leader in the Arabic region. They highly respect Mohammed as the re-instator of the original monotheistic faith and spirituality of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and other great prophets. They hold that the Christians and the Jews tampered with the God’s revelations to His prophets by false interpretation or adding new texts.

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