The best guide to use in choosing foods for consumption would be the food pyramid guide as it provides guidance on the types and proportions of foods that one should consume, putting into consideration the moderation and variety.

One of the biggest reasons that I think lead to my wrong food choices as displayed in the above 24 hour-recall is the lack of proper planning and time management. I have a lot on my hands and usually, I give the excuse that I do not have time to shop for or prepare healthy foods. However, I believe that if I properly manage my time and constantly think about what I eat, and whether it is healthy or not, then eating healthy will not be a problem (Ludington and Diehl, 2000). I therefore purpose to shop for my foods in bulk during the weekend when I have more time to choose healthy foods. I also think that it is of paramount importance to write down a list of healthy foods and meals that I will be able to refer to during shopping or food preparation.

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