Sample Essay

As it has been noted the Chinese model entails the economic development that is being reported in China at the moment. However, it can be noted that the China’s economy has been able to grow rapidly and over 50% of the country’s population is not living in poverty anymore. However, the Chinese economy has grown due to the high number of industries that have relocated to China due to low cost of labor and other factors that are favoring them. On the other hand, the Chinese economic development is attributed to the low cheap products that the country manufactures and hence it has become a major destination for exporter.

However, it can be highlighted that China became the world third largest economy as the Western world were napping (Huber, 34). Nonetheless, china has not only found a path of independent development, but it has also provided a model which can be copied by other countries in order to strengthen themselves and hence enrich their citizens (Huber, 24). The western countries also believe that the Chinese consensus also means political stability and this is something that appeals to a lot of people both in the government and ordinary citizens (Huber, 41). Altogether, there are some terms which are used in the description of the Chinese model and these are development, opening up, stability, experimental, and gradual progress (Huber, 33). In addition the Chinese model is said to be characterized by steady government reforms, strong government-orientation, opening up to the international market and transforming domestically (Huber, 26). With all this, the China has been able to register a significant economic development.

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