Sample Essay

Through the study that has been highlighted on the Japanese miracle and the Chinese consensus, it is evident that these two phenomenons are oversimplification with little regards to the rich histories of these countries since both nations have relied mainly on fast economic development without focusing much on their rich history. For instance, the Chinese model has been planned in a manner that production within the country is maintained at optimum while focusing on rapid growth of the economy. On the other hand, the Japanese miracle can be attributed to the Ikeda plan of focusing on heavy industry. Therefore, both systems are seen to have a complex relationship.

However, it has been highlighted that the Chinese model has charmed a lot of people in the world because its impact can be able to influence the direction of the world. On the other hand, it was suggested that the western capitalism would gradually crack down and reveal its inefficiency and inability of solving various global problems such as environmental degradation and that is why a lot of people are enthusiastic by the Chinese model.

In conclusion, I believe that the Chinese model is one of the best examples which demonstrate how a country can be able to utilize its resources in a sustainable manner and experience high  economic development as witnessed in China since a lot of countries envy China for the rapid economic development it has witnesses in the last few years.

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