Sample Essay

In the above mentioned article the writers try to analyze issues related to the children’s theory of mind. In this article the authors try to show us how a child’s knowledge about inner speech from that early age to adulthood.

In doing so the authors use existing literature to guide us through the steps they used in order to conduct a system of surveys that would help us understand how a child’s knowledge of inner speech develops. According to the authors a child’s knowledge of inner speech is less developed when compared to that of school-going children or adults. According to the authors as well as other writers it is agreed that young children usually have limited understanding of how well the mind represents reality.

According to the authors verbal thoughts or inner speech is usually a very important aspect of mental activity. To derive this, the authors decided to test pre-school children. The authors attempted to show that preschoolers were less likely as compared to older children and adults to have knowledge concerning inner speech.

To accomplish this, the authors administered two different tests on three different groups of people.

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