Sample Essay

Central market is a high end grocery store in theUnited States. Within a year of inception the central market store had become a flagship of the more than two hundredTexasstores owned by the H.E.B. food stores. Unlike many other supermarkets in the united states the central market store has defied normal or expected operations to advance its own mode of operations that has seen it grow by leaps and bounds.According to the stores general manager johnCampbell, the average spends at the store is $30 which is well above the national average of $18.11 according to the Washington, D.C.-based food marketing institute.

The target market of the central market store is the general market. The only difference from its main competitors is that the store opted to specialize its operations to the point that although the public is free to choose there are specific lines of products available at the store. Thus fresh food products are always on display and this is what the store has decided to market.

In terms of service concept, the store has opted to attract more customers by offering a wide range of products. Beyond the fact that the store has specialized products it opted to open a cooking school in order to increase product knowledge not only to its employees but also to its loyal customers.

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