Sample Essay

Motor harmonization and sensory organization of postural management are seriously by spaceflight and aging as the various aspects of control network but may at the same time be affected in different ways in each individual based on their specific characteristics and record of muscle strength, flexibility, integral senses, muscular capability, preceding experience and what is helpful and useful of them.

However, each of them will be unbalanced for various reasons and as a result will necessitate different interference to hasten reformation. Some individuals recover by depending principally on somatosensory impression while others depend on optical information. Proprioception is the most significant sense for managing equilibrium since it is not possible to balance it against gravity without its support. Douglas supports the fact that vestibular information is almost certainly more imperative for the direction of head and trunk than for control of the centre of gravity for equilibrium and proper postural management necessitates integral cerebellum and basal tumours that are often suboptimal among the elderly. The nervous system is required to extract and infer the appropriate sensory information to adjust the body with regards to related signals.

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