Sample Essay

It was not the first incident of its kind as there have been governments that have resulted to censoring online materials. The U.S government has been at the forefront in condemning Egypt’s internet block deeming it as a violation of human rights. This loud protest brings to mind the ‘kill switch’ bill introduced in June 2010 and which was fortunately, not passed. However, it has resurfaced in 2011 as the ‘Protecting Cyberspace as National Asset Act’. Americans should learn from the Egyptian internet block and protest against the introduction of an internet kill switch. In addition, decentralizing the internet will work towards ensuring that the government can in no way interfere with internet connectivity.

Even though the bill seeks to empower the president to shut down the internet in case of cyber terror attacks, it imposes on human rights and could lead to detrimental repercussions. If the U.S government were to shut down the internet, it would cut down major forms of communication in the U.S. Free speech, other fundamental human rights would be violated, and this would only result in unrest. Contrary to the assumption that blocking the internet would quell protests in Egypt, the interference actually intensified the protests and brought more international attention to the crisis.

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