Sample Essay

The cause of Second World War is attributed to policy failures initiated after World War 1. The global financial system encountered series of crashes from1920 to 1930 after World War I leading to the Great Depression.  World economic powers created trading blocks.  The U.S implemented its Monroe doctrine aimed at preserving jobs and minimizing import.  Later, the economic blocks transformed into military blocks.As a result the United States presidents Wilson and McKinley recognized the dangers posed by Germany during the economic struggle and were weary of the abrupt turn from economic blocks to military blocks.  Advisors to President Franklin Roosevelt by 1935 had explicitly identified Italy, Germany and Japan as potential threats to its well-being.  In April 1935, Roosevelt noted to British Colonel House through a letter considering participation in joint naval and military blockade to Germany borders.  This was because; Germany had bypassed Britain in finance capital monopolization through barter agreements.  The intention was to re-impose a “free” or neo-mercantilist trade in order to contain economic power of Germany.

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