Sample Essay

Truly, knowledge about cause-effect relations does not need a prior reasoning to acquire,  but comes from our experience of finding, connecting and inferring that  particular  objects  are  constantly associated with one other (George 103).To demonstrate the cause-effect, if a man is presented with an object that is totally new to him or her, no amount of studying of its perceptible qualities will enable him to discover any of its causes or effects. This can be demonstrated by a stranger to fire and river; from the light and warmth of fire can not deduce that he or she can be burnt or can not infer that the fluidity and transparency of water can drown him or her respectively. Based on this example, it follow that the qualities of an object that appear to the senses can not reveal the causes or effect nor can reason, unaided  by  experience,  ever draw   any conclusion  about real  existence and matters of fact.  Thus, it can be seen that experience enables us to know the cause-effect relation, for example, when burnt with fire you’ll definitely know about its effect and when see someone light fire you’ll understand the cause. The reasoning faculty should be seen as the tool that aid in connecting the past and the present events and to facilitate making of inferences.

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