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In addition, often the media has been using the various categories and dimensions of religion instead of talking of the religion as whole. For instance, the media talks of a given Christian denomination singly such as Roman Catholics in Vatican, Muslims in UK, Anglican gay bishops in England. Therefore, in many cases the media reports on the various categories of religion rather the religion as whole.

This can be attributed to the fact many religions have separated into various denominations as per the region they are established or even the values they adopted when separating from the mother church.

On the other hand, the media has been reporting on church services and Muslim prayers and other denominations daily happenings and occurrences such as their contribution in sports and other natural calamities. This categorizing of religious studies and reporting on individual denominations helps clarify the religion tools as per a given religion and makes other people understand other religion better. On the other hand, these categories complicate their reporting. For instance, Christianity encompasses many denominations each with different levels of complexity and ethics from the other. Therefore reporting on these categories may require an in-depth analysis and research.

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