Sample Essay

Career management is a complex procedure of planning and achieving personal objectives and strategies that enable the company to answer its own needs regarding the use and he development human resources. It also encourages employees to take control of their own development in order to maintain and enhance their employability.

Legge (1978) and Watson (1977) argue that doubts have been cast on the extent to which personnel or HRM can be classed as a real profession. However, encouragement to become more professional abounds from academic commentators and professional bodies (Armstrong, 2000). HR practitioners themselves perceive value in improving their professionalism (Badger and Sadler, 1998).

Millerson (1964) argues that professionalism of an occupation entails the prescription of acceptable standards of performance controlling the body of knowledge from which the professional practitioner draws. It is in these process that need for professional association is noted. Greenwood et al., (2002) argue that professional association, through the routines they create for licensing, professional development, training, monitoring and disciplining of behavior are mechanisms of reproduction rather than of change. They allow organizations within the same community to interact. According to Dobbin e al., (1993) common professional practice becomes socially constructed by networks of professional and external observers. This leads to professional bodies being able to control the selection and socialization of new recruits and the conditions for holding a position within the trade (Powell, 1991). Millerson (1964) argued that the four overreaching goals of what he terms qualifying association are a means of ensuring professional standards, extending educational, industrial, and other facilities, an organized voice of the profession and making contribution to a wider society.

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