Sample Essay

Guillermo has also keenly used differentiation as another form of business level strategy. This, the company has achieved through the introduction of high quality features, rapid product innovation as well as a high and efficient customer service.Value-chain activities are activities undertaken by a firm in order to realize a competitive advantage over other firms. In so doing the firm adds value to its products and or services so as to offer them to customers at a price higher than the cost of the products. In Guillermo case these value-chain activities starts with the acquisition of raw materials. From there the process of assembling starts.

These activities can be better linked by having improved inter-departmental communication. By doing so each department can be advised and or corrected before the final product reaches the customer. As a result this would lead to the generation of high level products to the clients. As a result the customer satisfaction derived will add value to the company. Apart from effective communication the use of research and development can be very helpful.

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