Sample Essay

There are numerous works can be done by a person or an organization. There are works which can be categorized as ethical works or unethical works. Apart from these works, there are some works or operations which can be regarded as unlawful works or act which are prohibited from the prosecutions of law.

This assignment is all about business law and ethics. The assignment is based on a case study in which ethics related to business has been identified. There are two cases which have been mentioned in the case which are Higgins v. Intex Recreation Corporation and Bunch v. Hoffinger Industries, INC. Let’s first discuss about Higgins v. Intex Recreation Corporation’s case. Intex Corporation manufactures and sold Extreme Sno Tube II which will be used to go from the snow covered hills. The tube associated with the machine was not as upgraded as it should do. During the usage the machine pushed the user one to two inch behind. Mr. Falkner who was the serious victim of the tube got a serious accident due to the undefined, defective and disturbs mechanism of the tube which resultantly injured Mr. Falkner quite hard. There are three different questions have been asked in this particular case study. The first question is all about the defect in the design in the product. According to the case study, the basic defect of the tube was its mechanism and less friction in the tiers which pushed the person backward after riding. This particular mechanism has bought numerous problems for the wounded person discussed above.  The second problem with the design is that it has not been rechecked after the making which is indeed bought deadly result for the user.

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