Sample Essay

Balfanz and Herzog (2005) note that the decision to leave school by majority of students in the state of New Mexico is in most cases motivated by the fact that they come from poor families and cannot afford paying for education expenses. Given that Las Cruces is part of the larger New Mexico, poverty in this region can be blamed for high dropout rates recorded.

Statistics from the US Bureau of Statistics indicate that although the impact of high school dropout rates in the State of New Mexico might not be readily visible, they are negatively affecting the state’s economy. Dropping out of high school is also related to numerous negative impacts. Chapman, Laird and KewalRamani (2010, p.10) notes that the incomes of individuals between the age of 18 years and 67 years who dropped out of school were far much lower as compared to those of their counterparts who graduated from high school. For instance, in 2008 the median income of individuals aged between 18 years and 67 years who dropped out of high school was approximately $23,000 compared approximately $42,000 of their colleagues who graduated with at least a high school credential.

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