Sample Essay

The brewing industry is a global business. It is dominated by a couple of large multinational beer manufacturing companies in the presence of thousands of smaller breweries. The industry is a 2-tier industry. This is because the supply and demand falls into two distinct groups; in terms of supply, we have the large and small producers. On the side of demand, we have the high-end consumers and the normal consumers.Strategic management is the practice of coming up with specific organizational mission, vision, objectives both short and long term and developing plans in terms of programs designed to achieve the objectives and allocating resources to implement the programs, policies. In relation to the brewing industry the strategic management of the industry will deal with the issue of competition, mergers and acquisitions, as well as the patterns of the supply and demand schedules for the entire industry. Europe is the world’s largest beer market, with changing market patterns within the block there was need to evaluate the growth of the industry in emerging markets like china andBrazil.  It serves to provide overall direction to an organization and it is an ongoing process evaluating and controlling organization at the same time assessing its competitors. It does situation analysis focusing on self evaluation. In the brewing industry, due to constant changes in operational costs it is necessary to evaluate the progress with the assistance of the balanced scorecard. Vision statement and mission statement and the overall corporate, business unit and tactical objectives are set and these results in policies and programs (Hunger 2003).

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