Since GE has a bonus plan, all needs to be done to review it to make it more satisfying to the employees. Employees acknowledge the fact that there are bonuses offered if the set targets are achieved. However, their main concern, which is the greatest challenge to company if the fact that the targets are too high.

This is the starting point for the company. It should set targets related to those set by the competitors and guided by the achievement of the employees who are kwon as excellent performers. This way, employees will feel encouraged to work hard and achieve the targets other are achieving and feel satisfied with the fact that their services are acknowledged through bonuses. This will be a great advantage to the firm as the production will be increased leading to increased sales and profits. The company should take the open discussions made by the employees for their own benefit in which they will use the grievances forwarded to guide the reviewing of the bonus plan. The suggestions made by the employees should be considered in redesigning the bonus plan. The management in the company should not be interested in the many number of job opportunities they offer but rather on the great talents they are able to capture and retain in the firm.

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