Sample Essay

Throughout the millions of years of development of vertebrate animals, the human skeleton in due course stood erect and walked opposing the force of gravity. The human bone is very important as it has the responsibility of bearing the body and to provide the mechanical requirements of the body to move.

It grows by escalating in length throughout early growth during the shutting down of the epiphyses at late teenage years, the size and shape of the grown-up skeleton is significantly influenced by the number of activity and forces that is applied to it within the 1 G environment. Bone is steadily lost after development peak pending the appearance later in life of weakness or osteoporosis, bones responds to weight like body weight and to the pressure that muscles, tendons and ligaments concern as the muscles pact together. Blood flow, neuromuscular input together with the endocrine and dietary factors all unite to maintain bone fit and strong. However, the bone mass and thickness have principally been the measure but it is gradually more apparent that the architectural reliability is very essential.

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