Sample Essay

By the time the industrial revolution began,Britain had already become a constitutional monarch. As a more politically aware middle class emerged during this period compounded by the fact that industrial strength was increasing, there was need to undertake electoral reforms to balance the British societies new balance of power.Among the issues addressed was the fact that by the year 1832 only about 6% of the male population could vote. To make matters worse this group could vote consistent of the society’s aristocrats. This issue was addressed and a new bill that allowed for 20% of the male population to vote was enacted (Moore, 1966).

In addition, to this the people’s charter drafted by Lovett called for the following changes to the parliamentary system. Firstly the charter demanded for the universal male suffrage, secondly they demanded that voting in parliamentary elections be done through the secret ballot system, the installation of annual parliaments, the abolition or removal of the property requirements for members of parliament amongst other requests.

In addition to these the number and strength of workers unions became an active political force in Britain during the time of the industrial revolution. As a result, the ongoing workers demands for better pay and better working conditions led to some of the workers unions becoming political parties. The British labor party is one perfect example.

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