Sample Essay

The banking concept of education is one in which it is believed that the teachers are the narrators while the students are the listeners. In this concept, the students take a passive role of listening and do not contribute to the topic of study. Paulo does not support this argument as he proposes that education should be a collaborative act in which both the students and teachers contribute to whatever is being discussed.

He expects both the students and teachers to work together as well as think intensively in the subject of study. He opposes the banking concept of education by proposing a problem-posing type of education in which apart from the student and teacher becoming one, it is expected that each has a room to express his or her ideas of the topic as well as each teaching the other. Paulo wants to transform the students from the empty objects to be filled by the teacher to active learners. He further argues that education should start when the teachers contradict with the students and both accept to be teachers as well as students.

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