Support for Pagell and Wu (2009) findings are obtained from results and discussions made from various surveys, company reports, case studies and literary works from the findings of (Craig & Rogers, 2008; Rao & Holt, 2005; Sarkis, 2003; Veleva et al., 2003). In order to provide full support for Pagell and Wu (2009) this paper began with an in depth literature review.

The review was able to show that the integration of processes in the supply chain can help in the attainment of sustainability through social, environmental and economic dimensions. These researches also showed that sustainability can be achieved through integration of all the phases of management.

Based on this, a precise methodology is used. First and foremost, a framework is developed to identify all the initiative that can achieve sustainability. This framework is then applied to companies through the examination of their economic, social and environmental reports. This step is able to offer the research with an opportunity to assess the adoption capability at each initiative. Lastly, the framework requires the in depth analysis of the companies to provide data for further analysis.

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