Sample Essay

Anti social behavior is a public menace which needs to be addressed. For it to be effectively tackled, knowledge and understanding on problems are important. It is defined to be an unacceptable behavior which is against societal norms and values by destroying lives of people and causing misery, harassment and distress in society (Home Office, 2004).

Anti social behavior is characterized by habits such as intimidation, nuisance, crimes, street begging, prostitution, drug use, domestic violence, hatred and rejections.

Introduction of Anti-Social Behavior Unit and action plans in tackling social problem facing youth act as evident that social problems are present in the localities and in community as a whole. Law states that government should meet their obligations by being committed in taking legal actions with aim of solving social disorders which are persistent in society. This can be achieved by forming society support groups, safety initiatives, target hardening schemes, education, social awareness and involving youths in projects and counseling which tends to discourage social problems.  Society and agencies should work together through interventions processes and public should report o social disorder cases. It is important to identify and put intervention strategies on place to tackle and resolve social problems. This can be done through mediation and restoration initiatives. Responding to emergency cases of social problem plays a major role in reducing same occurrences is society (Home Office, 2004). The article presents the literature review findings on anti social behaviors and policy responses made to reduce social disorders among young people in order to have just society. The main purpose of the review is to identify intervention strategies made to tackle anti social behavior which could lead to improvement of community.

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