After the Civil War, Carnegie succeeded Scott as the Superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad. From this position he shrewdly invested in various ventures that proved to be promising especially the Woodruff sleeping car and the iron mills (John, p.172). From the regular visits he made toLondonhe noticed the rapid developments in the iron industry and especially got interested in the converter which was invented by Henry Bessemer.

From this he realized that Steel would soon replace iron in the manufacture of heavy goods. Therefore he erected his first blast furnace in 1870 where he usedBessemer’s ideas (Nassaw, p. 15). Within four years Carnegie was able to open up a steel furnace in Braddock and took on several partners but insisted on retaining a majority of the shares. One of the partners he took on and who turned to be his right hand man was Henry Frick (Paul, p.233).

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