Sample Essay

Socrates considers himself to have the responsibility to talk: “But I have a benevolent habit of pouring out myself to everybody, and would even pay for a listener, and I am afraid that the Athenians may think me too talkative.”(Plato, Euthyphro, 2a-3e), on the other hand Socrates saw the people of Athens as sleeping because Athens was popular for festivals, as a hub of trade, numerous competitions and offerings to Gods of Mount Olympus and celebrations.

This had induced in the people of Athens material love of every kind and since Athens was a polis meaning city, and there were numerous other poleis in the surrounding area there was a constant battle for power and control. At the time of Socrates, Athens was already going in the direction of a war with Sparta. Thus even though Athens was a centre of culture and poetry people had lost the true reason for life and given their souls up for material pleasures. Socrates with his arguments, questions about the current system and challenging of popular myths and beliefs had created uproar in Athens and he believed that what the people needed was polytheism, but a life where good prevailed over evil in order to benefit the human way of living. He believed that the people of Athens had lost touch with their soul and true knowledge and reasoning and were in a slumber of ignorance as far as their life was concerned.

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