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Wars do not end with a peace deal or after surrendering of an enemy. The American civil wars have continued to date and many states have not settled their difference to date. After considering that the confederation had a hand in the death of Lincoln, it is important to evaluate the motivation behind this action. Below are factors that could have triggered the confederation to plan to assassinate Seward, Johnson, and Lincoln:

  • Creation of a military, political and economic disorder in the north-according to the 1792 statute, there could be no direct heir of Abraham Lincoln after the killing of the vice president, secretary of state and the ensuing confusion could somehow give the southerners a chance to gain independence. This displays involvement of the confederation leaders in the plot to kill Lincoln since the 26 old actor could not have been aware about the legal implications of killing Seward, Johnson and Lincoln
  • Vengeance for denying the south independence- the confederation was made bitter by Lincoln’s April 4th tour in which Lincoln was viewed as a conquering hero
  • Revenge for authorizing 28 February 1864 Dahlgren-Kilpatrick raid on Richmond- though highly disputable, there was a note said to have been discovered in slain soldier pocket demand killing of Davis and his cabinet.
  • Failure of the peace accord at Niagara Falls on July 7, 1864 and the subsequent peace talk in 1865 February- the failure was attributed to Lincoln’s preset condition of reunion and emancipation
  • Retribution for execution of John Yates Beall- Beall was a secret service officer and Booth’s cousin convicted for trying to set free prisoners. However, Davis owned up the action while Booth made all efforts to save Beal from the hangman. Lincoln succumbed to political pressure resulting to execution of Beall.
  • The South did not want to reconcile with the North and unassimilated hoping to become a separate nation in future (Steers 23-107).

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