Sample Essay

Economic growth is pursued in United States of America since it leads to political transformation such that the nation is able to move from being with a weak democracy to having a strong democracy. Sustainable economy can only be achieved once the democracy is achieved to the fullest by all citizens (Speth, 2005).

In addition to this, with political transformation real popular sovereignty will be achieved as undue corporate influence will be a forgotten issue. In America we are dying for economic growth as we know sovereignty is all that a powerful nation would like not to lose.

Thirdly, such a sustaining economy has much to be embraced socially. With economic growth, economic insecurity will end automatically leading to economic security. An economy that is secure is all that we want in America, such that it should be able to provide resources at all times without collapsing. If the environment is not considered this will just be a dream as the economy can collapse if the environment is not maintained for continued production. Economic growth leads to equal distribution of resources as we shall have enough thus distributing them to all citizens leading to reduction in inequalities hence a happy nation (Friedland, 2001 ).

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