Sample Essay

The innovation of internet has brought about a new system of business, the E-business, which is fast, flexible and has real time communication between the client and the supply. The communication between demand and supply forces in the market is fast and the communication between the clients and investors has improved due to the front-end relationship.

Though the supply chain management in Amazon is faced with several challenges, the most common challenge with the E-Business is ensuring the consistent flow of information from one end to another without any interruption or foul play. Considering that the internet has made the world a global village, many people has used the internet to execute their ill motives. It is of paramount essence to note that since the businesses are being driven by technological advancement in order to remain competitive. The same technology is catalyzing a lot of challenges. In Amazon critical security measures have to be put in place in order to achieve its objective of being an efficient kind of business that is at competitive advantage and competitive (Ross, 2003). Amazon is concerned about the security of its intranet from outsiders. It is also concerned about the security of its clients since sales are done online using credit card numbers. It further worried about who it can trust while carrying out the business activities. I a situation arises whereby the client and the supplier cannot trust each other, the business fail.

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