Sample Essay

Social networks have brought the latest trend in online advertising. Peer-to-peer advertising is another name for social network advertising. What is social network? If you have heard of face book or twitter, you may have already witnessed then wonder of peer to peer advertising even without noticing.

Famous social networking websites include The Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Tagged, Hi5 and a lot more. These websites contain the normal ads bar you see on the sides of these websites, like other websites, usually these are the ads placed by Google or Yahoo. This is one way these web sites benefit the advertisers (Mccolum, 2009). Other than that, the increasing popularity of the ads on these sites is through the widespread and immense use of applications on the profiles of the users, sending and receiving gifts to each other’s profiles, sending invitations to various games, links to brands and etc (Chatterjee, 2009). Where users are busy in branding their profiles, they are continuously engaged in being exploited with advertising. Advertisers through these websites have narrowed down the whole process to come to the needs of the youth in a more personal way. Customizing avators which is a feature offered by all of these social networking sites is also a form of web advertising and the marketers are benefiting each day through this exciting feature. According to a research, one in every five online ad is featured on the social networking websites. MySpace is the online advertisement leader with 9.2% of all online ads. Second come Facebook who has the share of 8.2%.,, and share about 3.7% of online ads served and other websites with less popularity have about 0.1% of the online ads (Chatterjee, 2009).

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