Sample Essay

It is said that where internet is being exploited currently with online advertising, little light has been shed upon using mobile phones for advertising though they are thought to be the next big thing.

In London a research conducted by the Online Publishers Association showed that more and more people are using mobile Internet is on the rise, and are displaying acceptance of mobile advertisements. Another research in the United States showed that about 76% of the cell phone users have web access through their phones and around 34% use this service as to date. Other researchers have shown that 14 percent access the web for news and information (Pfanner, 2007).

So, what does this show us? They show an increasing trend towards mobile internet user, although the numbers currently are low. How can we say that? It is a fact that, all over the world, people own more cell phones now than personal computers.

According to Bob Greenbag, who is the chief executive of R/GA an advertising agency in New York, mobile phones should be on the top most priority for the advertisers, why? Because they are with the customers at all times! So what is a better way to reach them? But despite this fact, TV still remains the foremost prioritized medium for advertising and mobile is out on the third screen (Pfanner, 2007).

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