Sample Essay

In Japan, increasing amount of advertising is being done through mobile phones where they send txt messages and ask for responses from customers, either in the form of getting samples, coupons or entering contests.

On the other hand, several companies enter into joint contracts with telecommunication companies to send promotional messages through SMS to mobile users. Telecommunication companies themselves make the users aware of new product campaigns through text messages.

A latest trend is towards voting through SMS lead by several reality shows on TV such as American Idol, where many countries al over the world have followed suit. The responses they get not only help them gain revenue through each SMS they receive but also help them in determining their popularity and viewership (Kaketsis, 2007).

As much as mobile phones hold the potential for effective and targeted advertising, they are not as much exploited as they should be currently. For this reason, Nokia has embedded new services in the phones to hamper mobile advertising. One of these features enables the digital advertising specialists to create campaigns for cell phone-based media applications like music players and navigation systems which are more individualized features. This would allow the advertisers to reach directly their targeted customers. The other is related with web applications with the similar notion.

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