Sample Essay

The third advantage of Microsoft excel is that it helps the manager to manage the organization documents with a lot of ease. This includes record management, information rights management and control.

Microsoft excel has services that give the manager a chance to share the analysis of variance over the web through excel web services programming interface. In this case, Microsoft excel helps the managers to manage, utilize, calculate and share the analysis of variance spreadsheets through a web browser.

In summary, The Microsoft excel provides advanced mechanisms for the manager to explore large quantities of data like employees salary scale, performance and other internal activities of the company.

The capability of the manager to access previous data stored also enables him

to modify some figures or dimensions in his variance analysis and reporting. This gives him a room to improve and compete effectively even if the original work is not his. In summary the manager manages the data more effectively. Therefore, the manager is in a position to present his managerial analysis with great confidence and clarity since he has the accessibility of the previous data and probably the performance record, resolutions and targets. In The manager can access or view metadata stored in SQL Server of the previous years, analyze the stored data and services from the actual excel report of the employees. This is where the point of ethics and legal concerns arise since one can easily access private data or confidential information about the employees and this can lead to hacking.

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