Sample Essay

Advertising can never be stopped.  One may squeeze it one way but it sprouts out enormously in another way because marketers are always looking for more and more ways of reaching target customer more effectively. Where DVRs tried to reduce the influence of advertisements, by giving the customers power to ignore ads, advertising sprung up via online means and also through wireless accessibility.

The users of PDAs, SMSs, I-modes, etc are now being targeted by advertisers at an increasing rate. The newest trend is towards social networking advertising, where the youth is busy bedazzling their profiles with advertiser’s campaigns that are now moving towards more individualized advertising. However, when we talk about individualized marketing, the most effective medium has to be mobile phones. Although they are thought to be most effective medium, they are the least used one. But in future, with the increasing trends pointing towards their dependency for advertising, we can say that mobile phones are the next big thing in terms of individualized advertising for targeted customers, as they first and foremost provide the most reachable access to the customers. Why? Because every customer has it in their hand or pocket, just waiting to be touched by ads!

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