Sample Essay

Lesko argued in his study conducted in Rousseau that adolescents have biologically stimulating hormones that tend to make ignorant and rebellious in order to belong to a certain historical structure. In addition Lesko’s study revealed a connection between economic and political settings of infancy and tale or myth of infancy.

Solberg differed with Rousseau on the issue of excellent illustration of childhood that he argued that they were as a result of child-oriented, progressive formal schooling rather he was biased when carrying out his study as he concentrated on the characters of the children he needed to fit his study. In this regard parents or guardians ought to be careful when bringing up their children as their record everything they see and hear for future practice.

Britzman argued that the way teachers educate students could somehow have been influenced by the students they teach mainly because the teaching process depends on the relationship between the teacher and the students. An unfavorable relationship between the teachers and the students implies that the learning process will not be effective as the students will tend to ignorant and rude making the teacher become harsh on them and vice versa.

The gender of a child at birth greatly contributes to the identification of a child as either male or female. According to Davies, the classification of the gender plays a great role in providing a framework by children can understand themselves better as well as an individual struggles to adopt the characters or behavior of his or her gender. Finally, an individual can clearly identify himself or herself as either male or female respectively.

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