Sample Essay

Fourthly, the academic libraries are found in colleges and universities and they entirely provide services to the students of those institutions. However, these libraries extend their services to the general public either in whole or selectively. Others charge a fee to the outsiders who would like to access the services.Fifthly, special libraries are referred as the information associations supported by private organizations, government body, non-profit making association or expert organizations (Mount, 1995). Public and academic libraries that specialize in providing materials of a given subject matter are classified as special libraries (Ellis&Renee, 1999, p.3). Other kinds of special libraries include health care libraries, corporation libraries, state department libraries (Margaret, 1992, p.3) etc.

The main Paris library (UNESCO) can be classified as special library mainly because it is a subsidiary to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and holds a certain features of specialized books or documents (Mount, 1995), for instance education, traditions and scientific books. More so, they receive support from UNESCO for their daily operations and easy provisions to the people they serve.

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