Sample Essay

Absolutism influenced political, social and economic evolution inEuropein various ways. Politically, absolutism led to formation of stronger political structures (monarchies) from the segregated weaker political units that existed before. As a result, capacity to rule was reinforced within a defined territory. Systems of law were established to rule the territories in a more unified and continuous way.

In addition, the society was divided into various classes of individuals with nobles at one extreme side, bourgeoisie at the middle and peasants at the other extreme side (Bentley, & Herbert, 2008, p.113). For example, inFrance, absolutism led to classification of society into three levels, first estate, second estate and third estate. Moreover, absolutism also influenced the economic revolution inEurope. Trade monopoly was established whereby a few merchants composed mainly of people from nobles dominated trade. To finance the economy, taxes were introduced. However, it was the peasants and to some extend, bourgeoisie who were burdened with paying taxes even though it was the nobles who enjoyed the tax collections.

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