Sample Essay

It is harmoniously agreed by many historians that the original motive was not to kill Lincoln, but to abduct him. Several plots to kill Lincoln failed and after the South surrendered to the North, Booth planned to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. The kidnapping theory has been discussed in depth and there have been counter argument against it since many have argued that it may be employed to clear those conspirators who were hanged. More so, during the trial, there was dread among the prosecutors that discussing the chances of a prior plan of abduction could result to a softer sentence for some, if not all the conspirators.

The evidence of existence of a plot to kidnap Lincoln was displayed in the John Wilkes Booth diary even though this verification was suppressed during the actual trial. In addition, there have been other supporters of the kidnapping Lincoln since this can be linked to the association that Booth had with the confederation. The kidnapping theory links a conspiracy between Booth and confederacy. It is now evident that there existed a plot to kidnap Lincoln; the next question to ponder is who was actually involved in the scheme to kill Lincoln.

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