Dissertation, as described in different dictionaries, is a type of formal document based on a research or study, submitted as a compulsion to achieve a degree. The term “Dissertation” is synonymously used for “Thesis”, which is the final requirement of a degree program.

Dissertation writing is a lengthy process which comprises of:

  • Selection of a specific topic for the purpose of research.
  • Applying hypothesis about the projected results.
  • Adopting a methodology for the research.
  • Collecting literature and literature review process.
  • Submitting deliverables in writing from time to time for every step.
  • Applying research methodology and obtaining results.
  • Evaluating results and developing the final idea.
  • Calculation of the effectiveness and success rate of the research and presenting complete research in the form of dissertation writing.

The sequence of the dissertation writing steps may vary in various fields of education; however, the theme of the dissertation remains the same. The time duration for dissertation writing is also different for every field.

Dissertation is a document on which the final achievement of the degree depends upon. Students who start with their dissertations come across several issues, and most of the times they do not find a correct person to help them accomplish the dissertation writing with perfection. Although there are instructors assigned in every university to guide the students for the dissertation writing, but as there are large number of students, it is likely that the complete information about the academic requirements of dissertation writing is not conveyed to the students.

As all the work of dissertation writing is to be done by the students, the chances of plagiarism and inefficiency of work increases with the lack of proper professional guidance. It is observed that at the time of results, most of the dissertations are rejected on the basis of plagiarism, improper writing format, insufficient information or irrelevant study. All the efforts of the students go in waste only because of the insufficient knowledge about the dissertation writing requirements.

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