Plagiarism is said to be prevailing more in academics than in any other area of literature. The reason for this is the increasing requirements of academic writing at all levels of education, and overburdening of the coursework for the students at college levels and above. Because of this act, the quality of education was being compromised; however, serious actions have been taken to reduce this activity.

Many students are unaware of the consequences of plagiarism, and they plagiarize intentionally perceiving that they will not be caught, and if they are, it will not cause them any harm. Deliberately deceiving the teacher or instructor is considered a severe crime at most of the colleges and universities, and policies have been developed to punish the students caught plagiarizing.

The consequences of plagiarism are found to be:

  • Issuance of warning letters and meetings with the parents of the student.
  • Rejection of the academic paper plagiarized and loss of grades.
  • Drop-out from the course in which the student plagiarizes in any academic paper.
  • Legal actions and litigation on the basis of copyright issues.
  • Expulsion from the educational institute.

Although there are more kind of severe punishments for plagiarism in different parts of the world, but most of what has been observed are the above consequences of plagiarism. For save the students from facing any troubles in the end, the academic authorities of the institute usually arranges sessions on the issue of plagiarism, what it is, why is it caused and how to avoid it.

Despite many articles available on plagiarism and how to avoid it, students are caught plagiarizing unintentionally due to insufficient knowledge about the course or lack of understanding about how to cite the source and apply referencing in the academic paper.

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