Classification essay is one of the most interesting types of essay to write. However, it is also very challenging and time consuming to write a correct classification essay. In a classification essay, students are required to select a topic which has further sub branches or classifications in it, or otherwise, students are given a topic and asked to write about its classification and characteristics.

To help you write a classification essay, here are a few guidelines:

Select a topic about which you have sufficient knowledge so that you become capable to understand its basics and details properly. Make sure the topic is not too wide with numerous categories not fit for a short essay, nor too specific that you cannot classify into different categories with proper similarities and differences.

Search the information about the topic. Find the categories under the topic, or the classification or class of objects that come under the umbrella of your selected topic. Also, read briefly about each of the category or classification.

Arrange the information in an order. Check for the similarities and differences in each of the classification. Read each of the classification in detail and develop a knowledge and understanding about them.

Write a draft of your essay. Begin with introducing the topic and its brief background. Develop a thesis statement which highlights that you are going to talk about the classification of the topic and give brief information on each.

In the middle paragraphs describe each category under a heading. Be careful of the arrangement of placing the category in correct sequence.

In the conclusion give a brief summary of your essay. Then revise the draft and you would surely come across some changes in first reading. Make corrections and write the final format of the essay with proper citation, accurate vocabulary, spelling and grammar.

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