In all types of essays, argumentative essays are the essays written technically, after detailed analysis, because the purpose of an argumentative essay is to develop the argument for and against a topic. At different academic levels, students are given writing assignments to write argumentative essays in order to become judgmental and give their opinion over a topic by evaluating and explaining the facts and evidences about the topic.

For writing an argumentative essay with accuracy, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • For the topic given, collect the information from different sources of print and electronic. Make sure the information you gather is from reliable sources and acceptable. Refer to articles on the topic which are recent, because fresh data will give you more realistic picture about the characteristics of the topic.
  • Draw an argument for or against the topic. Take one position and make a list of evidences and real facts which can support your position in the argument.
  • Give number according to preference to the points in the list. See for what argument to be placed first and what next. Your aim is to convince the reader about your position, and therefore your points should also be appealing. Also keep in mind that you do not used any biased or controversial statements. Keep yourself neutral about the evidences and avoid any vocabulary which may put a negative impact on the reader about your perception.
  • Write a draft of your essay in the beginning. Start with the introduction where you will give a brief background about what the topic is and develop a thesis statement which reflects that this is going to be an argumentative essay.
  • In the main body of the essay start with the opposite position and give the facts about it. Then gradually transmit to your position by counter evidences and statistical data or realistic facts to support your argument. Arrange this information in more than one paragraph.
  • In the conclusion summarize the whole topic and highlight your position again in one statement which reminds the reader of what has been said in the essay. Read the essay a few times and make amendments where required.
  • Write the final form of the essay with proper citation and correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Revise it once as well.

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